Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my service cost?

This question is commonly asked by a first time customer. The cost of a service will depend entirely on the needs of the motorcycle as it presents. The list is endless. Once we have serviced your motorcycle, we will have a comprehensive assessment, kept on record. Your invoice will include details of what has been done as well as any items that still require attention.
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How often should I have my BMW motorcycle serviced?

The most cost effective way to maintain your motorcycle is to service it regularly. This means every 12 months or 10,000km...which ever comes first. If a year has passed and you haven't clocked 10,000km then your service will only require items affected by time, not km.
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A service is just motor oil and a filter...isn't it?

A service is much more than engine oil and filter change. Maintenance and inspection of all your motorcycle's systems, promotes reliability, safety and the opportunity to perform preventative maintenance. Our pro-active approach enables us to pick up potential problems before they become dangerous, costly or leave you stranded.
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What is the best tyre for my bike?

That will depend on you, your motorcycle and your riding style. If you are a conservative rider, or use your bike mainly for commuting, then you are going to benefit from different tyres to those of your mate who goes nuts in the hills every Sunday.

We have different tyres for different BMW's and different riding styles. All are quality tyres that you can count on when you need them most.
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How many kilometers should I get out of a tank?

Yes! We seriously get asked this question all the time. Tor is good...real good. But he is not Nostradamas. How far a tank of fuel will go, obviously depends on the type of fuel you use, your riding style, whether you are doing city or highway riding, your tyre pressures, how well your motorcycle is running and so on.
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Can I drop off my bike on a Sunday afternoon?

While we do our best to accommodate every rider and their circumstances, it is important to get your bike here during opening hours. If you are running late, then just give us a call. We are happy to work with you. Appreciate that we are are human too, and need time out. After hours gives us the chance to refuel, recover and be in the best shape to keep your BMW motorcycle happy.
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Do you sell parts?

When a BMW motorcycle comes to our workshop, we are well prepared with an extensive range of parts in stock. Tor Motors is not a parts outlet, however if you require something in particular and you are having trouble getting hold of it, then we are happy to help. Please supply your VIN number so that we can identify the correct part. We will add it to our next appropriate order and advise you when it arrives.
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How important are tyre pressures?

Tyre pressures are critical when it comes to safety and uniform tyre wear. Insufficient pressure can cause a tyre to misshape and overheat, rendering it no longer neutral in a turn.

It is important for the tyre to have sufficient pressure to keep the tyre in shape at the point of contact with the road. If the tyre bulges under load, it will generate excessive heat and wear prematurely. If the tyre flexes in a turn or under braking, then stability is lost and safety is compromised.

It is good practice to check your tyre pressures each time you fill your tank. Maximum pressures are marked on your tyres.
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I have an ABS warning light. Can you help?

Yes we can. First we will run diagnostics to check fault codes and confirm what sort of ABS problem you have. Then we will discuss available options to provide your model of BMW with effective and reliable braking.
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My motorcycle is unrideable. What now?

We need to get your motorcycle to our workshop safely. If you are local to the Sunshine Coast, then we are happy to collect your motorcycle in our purpose built recovery vehicle.

If you are further away or interstate, then we can put you in touch with professional motorcycle transporters, who you can trust to deliver your motorcycle safely to our workshop. This is so much more cost effective, than taking time off work, hiring a trailer, delivering your bike to us and then returning the trailer. Not to mention, we have seen motorcycles destroyed from makeshift transportation methods.

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