From time to time we come across a product, article, occasion, incident or some information, that is well worth sharing. We feature such pieces on our 'Spotlight' page in the hope of enhancing the BMW motorcycling experience for our customers.

Lakeside Track Day - Seriously Addictive

Tor Motors at Lakeside track day

Tor Motors finally made it to a track day at Lakeside and boy are we glad that we did. In fact, we have now been three times and are officially addicted. Staff and other riders are so helpful, friendly and efficient and the day runs like clock work. You get plenty of track time and your riding skills increase dramatically. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Donna absolutely loving Lakeside

No speed cameras, no pot holes, no gravel, no intersections, no cars and no oncoming traffic. Plenty of respect for all riders on the track as everyone is there to increase their riding skill in a safe environment. All riders and their bikes want to come home in one piece. Pure adrenalin and extremely addictive.

Tor rounding it up at Lakeside
Donna absolutely loving Lakeside Tor rounding it up at Lakeside Donna unwinding at Lakeside

Many had designated track bikes but we had an absolute ball on our road bikes. Needed to remove all distractions for them to be track ready. Things like...

Donna winding it up at Lakeside

Exceptional value for money when you consider the price of a speeding ticket. Not to mention how much more fun it is to stretch your legs on the track. Public roads are no place for this sort of thing as the safety measures are just not there. Track days are well worth the effort. Did we mention what an awesome time we had? Yes, we are seriously hooked!

Do yourself a favour and check out a track near you. Warning - Track days are seriously addictive!!!

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Machineart Moto - Protect and improve your BMW

Machineart Moto logo Tor Motors is very proud to supply Machineart Moto for ultimate protection of your BMW. Our favourite MaMo product is the cylinder guards kit...available for all R1200s and now the R1250s.

Machineart Moto protection for BMW R1200 liquid cooled

Super tough nylon technology, flexible high impact strength and a thermoplastic rubber liner that helps dissipate impact force. Machineart Moto X-Heads provide thorough tappet cover protection that really works. We've seen it! But don't be fooled by inferior copies.

Machineart Moto X-Head_LC

In the unfortunate event that your motorcycle goes down, a set of X-Heads...

Machineart Moto MudSling

Tor Motors will only recommend and sell, what we believe in. We stock the Machineart Moto range of quality products including X-Heads, Avant front fender extensions, MudSling rear suspension guards and more.

Machineart Moto X-Head_LC Machineart Moto MudSling Machineart Moto Avant LC
Machineart Moto Avant LC

But don't take our word for it. Check out the Machineart Moto range for yourself at See how they enhance the BMW motorcycle's appearance.

Machineart Moto logo  Function drives the unique solutions - always with a Design Edge

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Air Filters - Don't compromise

Don't compromise on air filters
Poorly serviced air filter
Don't compromise on air filters Poorly serviced air filter

Air filters are incredibly important to the protection and efficient running of your engine. The correct filter ensures maximum delivery of clean air and maximum protection from dust.

If we can draw stick figures in the dust on the wrong side of your air filter, then your filter is not doing it's job.
If your air filter is poorly maintained and your engine can't breathe freely, then your filter can't do it's job.

Dust destroys engines, not sticks or stones. We have done many engine rebuilds and the most damaged engines have been as a result of an incorrect air filter.

Don't compromise your engine protection or efficency. Use the correct filter and ensure it is properly serviced.

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Motorcycle LED Light Kit - See and be or night

Be seen on the road

Tired of cars doing U turns in front of you, cutting you off in a roundabout or entering an intersection as though you didn't exist. Get some lights on your bike. Make sure that other road users know you are there. Great for night riding too. Lights up anything lurking at the side of the road.

LED motorcycle lights

After much research, Tor Motors has found quality motorcycle riding lights that we can truly recommend.

Strong aluminium housing, double insulated wiring, virtually indestructible lens and a durable finish that is the best we have seen. Available in black or chrome, the practical round design makes them perfect for fitting at any angle. The included wiring harness also means a massive reduction in installation time and expense, making them even more attractive.

LED motorcycle light kit
LED motorcycle lights LED motorcycle light kit Brilliant LED motorcycle lights

Motorcycle LED light kit comes complete with...

Brilliant LED motorcycle lights

Outstanding quality, impressive performance and excellent value. Tor Motors is very pleased with these little beauties and proudly stock them here in our workshop. Simply brilliant lighting if you want to see and be seen.

At only $240 per kit - do yourself a favour!

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K1600GT - how to change a headlight bulb

Just don't do it! Pray that your bulb never blows. The BMW life long bulb should never need changing. Unfortunately, this one did and here is how the bike looked before the special bulb could be removed and a replacement fitted.

BMW K1600GT with blown headlight bulb BMW K1600GT headlight change BMW K1600GT ready for headlight bulb fitment
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Lane filtering in Queensland - What does this really mean?

Lane filtering for motorcycles has now been legal in Queensland for quite some time, but many motorcyclists are still unclear about what is legal. Some have faced heavy fines and court costs not realizing they had done something wrong, not to mention angry abuse from other road users.

So what does lane filtering mean? Here are the basics.

Luckily there is now a video on the Queensland Transport website that explains lane filtering pretty clearly. Check it out and avoid a fine. Queensland Transport motorcycle rules

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Riding on the road shoulder in Queensland - So what does this mean?

Road shoulders are the sealed area to the left or right of the road's edge line. Often confused with 'lane filtering', riding on the road shoulder has it's own rules. Here are the basics.

A word of caution, if the speed limit is reduced to less than 90km/hr for roadworks or any reason, you are not allowed to ride on the road shoulder. Once again, Queensland Transport have a video to explain things. Know your stuff and avoid a fine. Queensland Transport motorcycle rules

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